Top 5 Affordable Laptops For Students to Buy in 2022

best laptops for students

With technological advancements, laptops have become more powerful and sophisticated than ever before. They are now an essential tool for students, whether schoolwork or entertainment. There are many benefits to laptops for students. They are portable, so students can take them to school, the library, or on field trips. They also have many features that make them ideal for educational use, such as word processing and spreadsheet applications, as well as access to the internet. In addition, student laptops are often less expensive than desktop computers. 

This is because they are designed to be used primarily for tasks that do not require a lot of processing power, such as word processing, internet browsing, and email. Student laptops have longer battery life than desktop computers, so students can use them for longer periods without worrying about recharging. 

Here is a list of the top five laptops that are affordable to buy for students in 2022

Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is a newly introduced laptop in the Indian market and has made a very strong entry into the market. Undoubtedly, this laptop has now become an official gaming laptop. It is true that if you are a student who enjoys playing games as a stress-buster, this laptop is the perfect choice for you. With this monster gaming graphics card, you can play AAA titles at high-end settings to optimize your gaming experience. Aside from that, this GPU is also paired with the most recent and advanced Intel Core i5 CPU, a 12th-generation processor. 

HP 15s

HP 15s laptops are designed for those who require a powerful and portable laptop at the same time. It is a top-of-the-line laptop series that HP offers, and the 15s, in particular, are one of the most sought-after laptops among students. As a result of the affordable price, you will be able to get ample storage and RAM. This laptop is also equipped with a chipset based on the 11th generation Core i5 processor. A graphics processor, Intel Iris Xe, is paired up with this CPU. As a result, you can play quite a few AAA titles at decent settings with this card. 

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Lenovo Chromebook

Lenovo is one of the leading laptop manufacturers not only in India but across the globe. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 is a highly recommended laptop for students whenever we talk about the best student laptops. Unlike your normal Windows laptop, this one is a little different. There is no difference between a Chromebook and a smartphone; it runs on Chrome OS. As far as the Android app’s ease of use, smoothness, and compatibility is concerned, it is much more convenient and works smoothly. The price of Lenovo Chromebook is affordable and it comes with a starting price of Rs 28490.

Realme laptop 

Realme laptop gives characters in your favourite game a truly immersive experience with a 2K display that’s bright enough for 400 nits and exhibits hues with unique style under RGB colour representation. The VC liquid cooling technology offers excellent heat dissipation capacity, preventing the Realme laptop from overheating, even after prolonged gaming sessions or exhaustive usage. 

With its long-lasting battery, this Realme laptop provides long-lasting performance and allows you to binge-watch your favourite shows without interruption. Realme laptop also supports fast charging, enabling you to charge your laptop’s battery up to 50% within 30 minutes. Doing this allows you to stay productive instead of constantly tethered to the charging cable. 

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360

This Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 laptop has a 13.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display with a 12-point touch sensor. You will find that along with the laptop and receive the Samsung S Pen that comes in the box right alongside the laptop! It is possible to rotate the hinge 360 degrees to use it both as a tablet and as a stand. A recent Intel Core i5 12th gen CPU is used for a seamless performance that won’t disappoint you. 

There is an Intel Iris Xe graphics chip paired with this CPU, so the performance of this combination is exceptional. Adding to the overall good things about this laptop, it comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of a solid-state drive. Samsung Galaxy Book 2 comes with a starting price of Rs 72990 and it is one of the most popular student laptops available in the market today.


It is important to consider a few important factors when choosing the best laptops for students in 2022. The most important factor to consider is the student’s budget. Finding an affordable laptop that meets the student’s needs is important. These student laptops are all relatively affordable yet offer a variety of features that will be beneficial to students. When choosing a laptop for a student, it is important to consider the student’s budget, major, and needs.

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