Hidden Smartphone Features That Will Make Your Life Easy

From staying in touch with loved ones to finding your way to a destination through Google maps, phones have a central role in everyday life. Our phones have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. Statistics reveal that 74% of Americans do not feel comfortable leaving their phones at home. Furthermore, up to 80% of Americans check their phones within 10 minutes of waking up in the morning.

According to statistics, the US has almost 300 million smartphone users. We clearly cannot live without smartphones at this point. Are we getting the most value out of them?

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Back to why you are here! Here are a few lesser-known smartphone functionalities that can exponentially enhance your phone experience. 

Multi-Tasking Made Easy

At times, we feel restricted by the amount of work we can be done on our phones. Most of us would prefer working on laptops or tablets, but sometimes your phone is all you have access to. Did you know you could work on two applications at the same time on your smartphone? A split-screen is a solution to your productivity woes. 

A split-screen allows you to work on two applications simultaneously side-by-side. You can check your emails while having a conference call, send data from a document to contact while scrolling through your socials, etc. Here is how to enable split-screen on your phone (Android 9 and newer)

  • Select the apps that you need to split-screen and open them one by one
  • Open one of the apps on full-screen
  • Go to recently opened applications, and press hold the other app that you wish to add to the split-screen
  • A pop-up menu will appear to select the ‘split screen’ option 
  • Enjoy the split-screen functionality

Save Time and Effort

The lock on your phone is the first line of defense protecting your personal information. It serves an important purpose. However, it can be frustrating to keep having to login into your phone repeatedly. Well, there is an option your phone carries that in specific situations disables your phone lock so you do not have to keep unlocking it.

The Smart Lock option has been a part of the Android ecosystem for quite a few years. However, not many people are aware of this option. With this option, you can set your phone to a simple swipe open at home. However, as you step out of your home, it will request your normal login password. Another option is setting a face recognition login using Smart Lock. As soon as your face is detected through the front camera, the phone will unlock. 

Data Transfer Made Easy

We all know the pain of having to transfer data through Bluetooth all too well. It can take several minutes (even hours) to transfer old phone data to a new one via Bluetooth. Not anymore! 

Wi-Fi Direct is a relatively new functionality, which allows you to transfer phone data to another device in a fraction of the time. Like Bluetooth, with Wi-Fi Direct you need to pair the other device with yours and get ready to send files. It uses an internet connection to transfer files at an impressive speed.


You can display your emergency health information on your phone’s screen with a few simple steps. Here’s how

  • Go to your phone settings and select the ‘About Phone’ option
  • You will be able to find an ‘Emergency information’ feature there
  • You can add important information like your blood group, allergies, etc.
  • The message will be displayed on your home screen and be visible without needing to unlock your phone.


Smartphones have become a necessity. They have opened up a world of opportunities and possibilities for its users. They can be a source of entertainment, education, and financial independence but most people do not realize the amazing potential it holds. We hope this guide helped you navigate through a sea of features and functionalities to find some useful ones that can optimize your user experience.

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