The Basics of E-Learning Raden Fatah.


The benefits of e-learning are many. However, how does it work? The main reasons are application, efficacy, and perception. Let’s examine each of these factors in turn. What’s in it for you? Read on! Listed below are some of the main reasons to use e-learning:


E-learning can enhance an employee’s skills, knowledge, and efficiency. However, some aspects are not appropriate for all learners. Some students do not have high-end equipment at home. Furthermore, some industries cannot be adapted to e-learning. In such instances, the trainer should be assigned to manage the entire system. Some of the advantages of E-Learning are:

With e-learning, people can interact with one another to share their thoughts and views on a particular subject. Students can learn at their own pace and can access information from any place. This form of teaching also has the advantage of being flexible and scalable. E-learning offers an ideal learning experience for students, as well as educators. It’s cost-effective and can scale up to meet the needs of a growing number of students.

Technological advancements

Technological advancements have affected almost every facet of modern life. E-learning has made the process of distance learning more convenient, which puts greater demands on teachers. However, implementing E-Learning in the classroom has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the internet infrastructure, teachers, and learners. A study conducted at UIN Raden Fatah, Palembang, has outlined five aspects of e-learning implementation and examined students’ perceptions.

Classroom interaction

The study aimed to increase academic achievement by improving classroom interaction. Moreover, it aims to improve the overall classroom environment, enhancing student academic achievement. This study also provides useful information for researchers who are working on classroom environment. The study will also improve the researcher’s knowledge and experience in educational research. Therefore, the study’s findings are worth considering. There is a high degree of possibility that E-Learning may be beneficial to students.


This software enables you to install a wide variety of Android applications, including E-learning Raden Fataah. If you use an Android device, make sure to allow “unknown sources” in your device’s settings and accept the popup warning.

New learning management system

When UIN Raden Fatah introduced its new learning management system, they adopted the Moodle platform. The majority of lecturers did not have digital files they could upload, and instead, they gave instructions and voice notes through a Whatsapp group. This was a significant change for the university and its students.

Islamic Studies Study Program

This study aims to describe the Application of E-Learning at UIN Raden Fatah, Palembang. It employs a qualitative method and identifies five aspects of implementing e-learning. The results of the study reveal that there are considerable differences between students and lecturers, but that most students had a good understanding of e-learning. They were also satisfied with the amount of resources available to support the application of E-Learning.


If you want to learn about Islamic studies, you should consider the benefits of e-learning. This method of teaching is affordable, easy, and fast. But before you dive into the benefits of e-learning, let us first take a look at its basic principles. Here are a few. Here is a short list of its most common uses. Let’s also see a few of its disadvantages.

UIN’s Raden Fatah is an excellent place to begin your journey to online education. This campus uses the Moodle platform to manage to learn, although it lacks digital files for lecturers. Instead, most lectures are delivered through Whatsapp groups and video meetings. The exam is also held via video meetings. The UIN Raden Fatah campus offers several E-Learning options, including distance learning.


University of Indonesia’s Raden Fatah has been an excellent example of e-learning through the use of a Moodle platform. The main advantage of this platform is that lecturers do not have to upload any digital files to the system. Overall, e-learning through Raden Fatah has been a success.

In addition, lecturers tended to implement student-centered learning processes. As a result, the students’ achievement was very high. FITK was able to provide a valuable service in the area of education.

The UIN Raden Fatah campus has three learning models: conventional, asynchronous, and limited. The choice of learning media must be optimized for the particular student’s needs. For example, not all lecturers use the same application platform or budget to afford high internet quotas. This is where e-learning comes in. The research showed that the use of social media was able to enhance student learning in the study of Islamic finance.

Final Words:

E-learning has numerous advantages. It is affordable, effective, and fast. The study’s findings also demonstrate the role of student motivation. It is possible to predict student achievement using a self-report questionnaire, such as the Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE).

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