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The government is spending about Rp 135 billion to build Jalan Tol Cibitung -Cilincing, a road that connects Cilincing and also Parikesit. Construction of the road will also improve the infrastructure of the area. The project is funded by the Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Parikesit99.

Jalan Tol Cibitung – Cilincing

Besides providing good dukungan, Jalan Tol Cibitung -Cilincing in Parikesit 99 connects the areas of Telaga Asih and Cilincing. This street is part of the resmi system of Parikesit and also involves different levels of the local community. The residents of Parikesit know where the best resmi is.

The Pembangunan Jalan Tol Cibitung -Cilincing terjadi in Kecelakah and Telaga Asih. It has an estimated distance of 34,77 kilometers. It is expected to be completed by 2022. In the meantime, construction of other projects on the road is still ongoing. The project will continue to improve the quality of life of residents of Parikesit.

The Village of Parikesit in Central Java, Indonesia

The village of Parikesit99 is located in Central Java, Indonesia. This place is home to a Kuru king named Parikshit. During his reign, he helped shape the Kuru state’s borders and also played a major role in the consolidation of the Kuru state. Today, Parikesit is famous for its high-quality coffee. Cooperatives in the area produce this coffee. This article will help you learn more about this village.

Parikesit is a village in Central Java

Desa Parikesit99 is located on the Dieng Plateau, at an elevation of 1,996 metres. The village is close to Wadasputih, and also to the south is the town of Patakbanteng. The Dieng Volcanic Complex is located in the Central Java region. The local people here are mainly Muslims. This area is rich in biodiversity, which is reflected in the biodiversity of the local villages.

Dieng Volcanic Complex is located 4 km north of Parikesit

Visitors can explore the Dieng Volcanic Complex, which is about four km north of Parikesit. The complex contains numerous cinder cones ranging from 30 to 100 feet in height. They are less likely to contain lava flows. There are also lakes within the broad, low-relief cone, including the Telogo Dringo crater-lake. One of these lakes contains sulfur, and also some experts believe this lake is actually a Parikesit99.

Parikshit was a Kuru king

The great king Parikshit lived long and peacefully. He had a great empire and also was running it well when he went hunting. While hunting he became hungry and thirsty. So he went to a sage’s ashram by the river Kaushik. There he found a sage deep in meditation and destroyed the flower gardens. When he returned, he realized that the sage was in a deep state of meditation.

Parikesit coffee is produced by parikesit cooperatives

In 2021, Bright Java began a project with a small group of farmers, the Daya Sindoro. Located on the slopes of Mount Sumbing, the cooperative produces coffee at elevations of 1100-1400 meters. Another fermentation process occurs during the 14 to 20 day drying process.

Parikesit honey is produced by parikesit cooperatives

A group of farmers in Central Java, Indonesia, have come together to produce some of the finest honey on Earth. The Parikesit99 project began in 2021 when Bright Java decided to partner with the Daya Sindoro farmer cooperative. The cooperative was motivated to raise the quality of the cup in the honey process. As a result, the group was able to produce a competition grade lot for this year. The process begins with a 48-hour anaerobic fermentation using Fermentis Ale Yeast.

Jalan Tol Cibitung

Cilincing in Parikesit99 connects Cikarang to Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok and also the area of Cilincing in Parikesit. It also offers excellent kelancaran mobilitas and pergerakan komuter. Once you’ve seen Jalan Tol Cibitung – Cilincing in Parikesit99, you’ll understand why it’s so popular.

After the first Seksi of Cibitung – Cilincing, it’s now time for the next one, Seksi III Sawangan / Bojong Gede. Construction of Seksi IV is ongoing as well. Jalan Tol Cibitung – Cilincing in Parikesit 99 will run until 2022.

Final Words:

This road is the most important artery linking Cibitung with the rest of the city. The busy road has many stops along the way, including a shopping center and also a hospital. The road has a very high number of traffic jams, but that doesn’t matter because the traffic flow will be so easy to deal with. If you need a break, Jalan Tol Cibitung will get you there.

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