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The Official Elearning Portal of the USM is ELearnUSM. It encourages lecturers to use interactive learning activities and provides a pathway for students to view their progress after each module. With ELearnUSM, students will be able to access and learn more about their course material, regardless of their location or platform. To learn more about ELearnUSM, read on!

eLearning is the official e-learning portal

eLearning is the official online learning portal of the University of Southern Mississippi. It provides an interactive online environment that allows users to manage courses, share resources, and track student progress. eLearning uses the Moodle Current Version as its Learning Management System. It provides access to over 100 USM courses. To access the portal, users must have a UMID.

ELearnUSM offers support for online students and faculty, as well as unit development and improvement. Users can access the ELEARN USM portal through the web address httpselearningusmmypppjjj.

It is deployed using Moodle

Depending on the number of users, Moodle can be scaled using Microsoft Azure storage. The latter provides scalable storage and is available as a local directory inside a virtual machine or Kubernetes cluster. If one Moodle instance experiences a failure, other Moodle instances in the region are not affected. Similarly, Google Cloud also provides similar products.

Windows and Macintosh

The Moodle ecosystem contains a plethora of plugins and content. Installation of Moodle on a system that supports these systems is straightforward. There are numerous pre-built combinations for Windows and Macintosh. Automated installations are available through Debian packages, TurnKey Moodle appliances, and Bitnami installer. Additionally, Moodle runs without requiring any modifications on Unix. It also supports PHP.

It encourages lecturers to create interactive learning activities

Instructors who use interactive classroom methods may face some opposition from their students at the beginning, mainly because they lack experience or don’t want to spend more time creating activities. Nonetheless, it is important to explain why interactive learning exercises are essential to a student’s learning and how they can select suitable methods. In addition, interactive learning methods can be an effective tool to help a student with difficult concepts or a specific skill.

Interactive lectures demand active participation from students throughout the lecture. They also encourage students to structure and process knowledge throughout the lesson. In addition, interactive lectures encourage lecturers to develop a customized learning activity for each individual student. These interactive learning activities are often more effective than a traditional lecture because they engage the learner in an entirely different way. It also helps lecturers to monitor their students’ engagement and emotional responses, which can help them improve the learning experience.

It provides a comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after each module

A comprehensive pathway is a critical part of a student’s educational success. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to assess students’ progress. The Maths Pathway uses ongoing formative assessments to gather real-time data. This data allows for timely feedback and intervention in the course of student learning. A comprehensive pathway will help you to see how well your students are progressing after each module.

The Benefits of eLearning USM at USM

It also provides resources and services to all classes, as well as the USM Libraries. Read on to learn more about the benefits of eLearning USM at USM. This project is one of many that USM is currently pursuing.

Usability issues

There are two major types of usability issues in eLearning: technical and human. Technical usability refers to how easily learners can use the content and interaction tools. Human usability refers to the ease of use of tools such as email, website navigation, and content and user interaction. For example, good usability for online learning materials means that learners can navigate the site easily and quickly. Content should also be easy to read, with consistent navigation and optimized images.

Severity is determined by how much the problem affects the user. In other words, serious usability problems prevent users from performing certain tasks, while mild and moderate problems result in users delaying some activities or requiring extra effort. Even though these problems are often unavoidable, they may still hamper learners’ learning experience. To improve the usability of elearning content, e-learning developers must understand the factors that affect learning motivation.

Motivation of students to use eLearn@USM

The development of online learning and teaching environments has ushered in the 21st century. More institutions are recognizing the benefits of e-learning. In the current study, the University Sains Malaysia (USM) introduced a new online learning platform known as eLearn@USM. The study aimed to understand the factors that promote the use of eLearn@USM and analyzed data from student interviews conducted with both local and international students.

One of the most important factors in eLearning is how the course relates to students’ lives. While technology provides a means to offer variety, this does not necessarily motivate students to engage in it. To motivate students, eLearning courses should challenge their preexisting beliefs and test new ideas in familiar situations. For example, compelling stories and case studies can engage students’ interest in the course material and motivate them to use eLearning.

Moodle used to deploy eLearning Usm

Using Moodle, ELearn USM allows users to manage courses, share resources, and manage content in a central learning center. To learn more about the benefits of using this system, read on to learn more about the benefits of eLearning USM.

Moodle allows instructors and students to monitor progress and completion. The platform offers several ways to do this, including course completion, grade, and competency-based systems, badges, and analytics. Another benefit of Moodle is its extensibility. Plugins allow users to add new features to their courses, such as quiz question types and system connectors. These tools are easy to install and manage through the administration interface.

Impact of eLearning Usm on teaching and learning at USM

eLearning USM is an online learning system that has made it easier for faculty and students to develop digital content. The university’s online teaching and learning system provide faculty and students with access to advanced digital technologies, including web-based courses. This approach helps institutions achieve their mission of providing higher education to the general public at a low cost. The university is also an accredited arts college. There are many advantages of using the campus.

Final Words:

eLearning USM is the latest initiative that aims to help institutions at USM implement online learning strategies. Online learning is defined by the Kirwan Center as “any learning environment with an internet-based component that enables interaction with and collaboration outside of the classroom. USMC helps institutions make the most of these affordances and increase the quality of teaching and student learning.

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