The Story Behind Travis Scott Fish Meme

Travis Scott

The story behind Travis Scott “Fish Meme” was published by Rolling Stone earlier this month. The story highlights Scott’s history of disregard for the safety of his audience, citing a statement from a paralyzed concert-goer and his guilty plea for reckless endangerment from 2015 to 2017. The Los Angeles Times reported that experts argued that the deaths could have been prevented if only Scott had used crowd control and directed the audience to beat up the culprit. The story ends with the announcement of a lawsuit filed by concertgoers who claimed to be Travis Scott fans.

Travis Scott’s upcoming album

After moving from Houston, Texas to New York City, Travis Scott began working with Mike Waxx, owner of the music website Illroots. Many consider Scott to be the “king of the youth” and are eager to hear the new material from him. Scott announced the title of his new album on January 4, 2016. He has also appeared in several games, such as MySims, where he portrays the character Thomas.

As far as Travis Scott’s upcoming album is concerned, the hype around it is undeserved. The album’s predecessor, “Drake’s World,” peaked at number nine on the US Billboard Rap Albums chart. Nevertheless, many critics have already praised his new album, calling it the “sexiest hip-hop album of all time.”

His live performances create a World for his fans to live within

In the first half of his concert, Travis Scott asked his audience to “rage.” The audience responded by jumping, swaying, and even body-surfing above the crowd. He then instructed the crowd to “use whatever it takes” to get lit. This was the start of a world of mayhem that Scott called “The Real World.”

The showman behind Travis Scott’s success is a master of marketing, an expert at curating exclusive experiences, and a person of few words. While many new acts will attempt to copy his sound, they can’t replicate the crazed energy of his concerts. The best live performances are a mix of auto-tuned melodies, chaotic basslines, and a whole world of fan interaction.

His relationship with Kylie Jenner

The couple first became closer after their appearance at Coachella, where Kylie shared a photo of herself next to the rapper. The two started dating and eventually became inseparable. They attended nearly every Travis show, and Kylie also made it to Justin Bieber’s wedding. Regardless of whether or not they’re officially dating, it’s clear that the two are very happy. Even though Travis and Kylie aren’t calling each other “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” they still have a lot of love and respect for each other.

His relationship with Neptune

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner share the same zodiac sign: Taurus and Leo. Leos love the spotlight and Tauruses appreciate luxury. Their mutual love for fine things makes them a perfect match. The fixed signs also have a lot in common: both are hard-working and have strong goals. Although they can be stubborn when it comes to compromise, they share a similar sense of self-worth.

In astrology, Neptune and Pisces rule the water element, so the video seems like a daydream. The use of neon butterflies in the video is a subtle reference to Pisces, the zodiac sign ruled by Neptune. Moreover, two fish symbolize Pisces in the zodiac wheel. The video also features an interesting interpretation of Pisces. While it may seem like a random pairing, the song is rooted in astrology.

His brand affinity

Although the hip hop superstar has been criticised for his lack of brand affinity, this does not explain his success in marketing and branding. In fact, Travis Scott has become one of the music industry’s most effective branding machines. His name is a sellable commodity outside of hip-hop, and his brand affinity with companies such as McDonald’s has helped him gain millions of fans. Listed below are some examples of his brand-affinity deals.

Final Words:

Despite Travis Scott’s growing fame, he has tempered his abrasive style. His image has remained largely polished, with few in-depth interviews or social media posts about controversial topics. His quietness makes him an ideal brand partner, and he has even stated his willingness to “tap in” to public figures in Houston. While he has also criticized the current political system, he has made it clear that he does not wish to participate in the exploitation of low-wage workers.

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