NetbaseQuid and the Importance of Social Listening Tools

Social media has become an essential tool for marketers. They use it to monitor and interact with their customers and track their competitors’ activities. One of the most popular social media tools for marketers is social listening tools. Following are some of the most popular social listening tools and explain how marketers can use them.

1. Facebook Insights

Facebook provides a social media analytics tool that allows marketers and business managers to see how their Facebook activity is performing. Facebook Insights will provide an overview of your posts, ads, website, and other content performance.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform with helpful features for marketers and social media managers, including a social listening tool. This tool allows users to monitor, analyze and manage their social media activity for free.

3. Swayy

Swayy is a powerful and versatile social media analytics tool that provides access to data about Facebook posts, Twitter followers, Instagram comments, and more. Swayy also provides content recommendations based on your account’s behavior.

How Social Listening Tools Work

Social listening tools are a great way to keep up with what people are talking about online. Social media is the most popular form of communication in the world today. There are over two billion social media users, which is only expected to grow. As a result, there’s no better way of understanding what people are thinking than by keeping up with what they’re saying on social media. It is achievable by using social listening tools that collect posts from various social media platforms and organize them into categories based on keywords or topics. It allows marketers to monitor the latest conversations happening in their industry or niche, giving them insights into how they should adjust their strategy accordingly.

Advanced social listening tools can also provide data on sentiment, keywords, and topics. These platforms are much more sophisticated than a simple keyword search and can provide insight into how people interact with your company or brand online. The critical component of social listening is to have the right people involved in the conversation. Suppose you don’t have a community manager, social media guru, or PR person to help you decide what conversations to monitor. In that case, the tools will likely be of limited value. Furthermore, if the company is not organically generating the social interactions they’re monitoring (e.g., a brand account), there is no authentic engagement on their behalf. If your company or brand is unwilling to engage on their platforms, then they are not in a good position to monitor their social conversations.

What Sort of Insights can you Glean from Social Listening?

A lot. One of the most critical insights you can gain is how people talk about your company or brand, including what words they use and how often they mention it. It can be a precious tool for measuring word-of-mouth, which is a big part of marketing success. For example, suppose you’re considering buying a new brand name. In that case, you should start following the conversations related to it to see how people are talking about it in the market and what they think of the company’s new product or service.


NetbaseQuid is a social listening tool that provides insights into the sentiment of content and social media posts. NetbaseQuid is a social listening tool that offers insights into the view of content and social media posts. It analyzes the sentiment of posts to understand how people feel about a given topic. NetbaseQuid can also monitor conversations, trends, and hashtags on any social network. NetbaseQuid is an invaluable tool for PR professionals who need to track what people say about their company or product on social media.

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