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If you are looking for a Non-govt company, you might want to know about Dinsys Technologies Private Limited. This private company was formed on 8 August 2008. It is registered at Mayur Vihar, Delhi. The company has three appointed directors and also is classified as a Non-govt firm. You can read Dinsys Technology Pvt Ltd reviews to learn more about it. Read on to find out if Dinsys is worth your time.

Dinsys Technologies Private Limited is a Non-govt company

The Authorised Share Capital is the maximum amount of capital a company can raise at any point in time. The amount can be raised again in the future by following certain laws. The company’s authorised capital is Rs. 500,000. To calculate the Authorised Share Capital, the company must know how much money it has on hand and also its projected earnings.

Dinsys Limited – What You Need to Know

Dinsys were female in their previous earthly incarnation. They were born in Southern Japan, around 1600, and also were professional road builders. While there are several people with this name, few people are born with this name. So, if you’re considering the name, you may want to take a look at its meaning before choosing it for yourself.

The company has three active directors. They operate under the SIC code 51103: Machinery and also Equipment. You can find out more about their services on their website. In the case of a payment delay, you can follow up online and also make your claim. If you’re having problems with Dinsys, make sure to follow up with them. They may have missed a payment or been delayed in delivering your order. To find out more about them, read their FAQs.

You can download a detailed DINSYS LIMITED credit report for free. This report includes a credit score, recommended credit limit, payment trends, court judgments, ownership structure, and up to 5 years’ worth of financial statements. For more information about Dinsys, visit their website. You can also get a free seven-day trial of their B2B Sales Platform. You can use this trial to see how much you can save.

It is a Private company

Dinsys Technologies Private Limited is an unlisted company with a registered office in Mayur Vihar, Delhi. Its authorized capital stands at Rs 5.0 lakhs and also it has 100% paid-up capital. The last annual general meeting took place on 30 Sep 2016, and also it last updated its financials on 31 Mar 2016. Its business is in Trading.

It is an Unlisted Private Company. It offers a number of different services, including the provision of web solutions and also custom software development. In addition, it offers a variety of consulting services and also has a team of talented and dedicated engineers. While many firms hire a single person to handle their project, Dinsys has a vast network of talented professionals.

It is rated 1.8 out of 5

According to AmbitionBox, employees rate Denisys Technologies 1.8 out of 5 for Skill development. In addition, they rate the company 1.5 for Job Security. Overall, employees rate the company 1.8 out of 5 for their satisfaction with the company. Here are the reasons why:

Its current status is Strike Off

DINSYS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED IS STRike OFF. This company’s status is the result of a breach of the law. The company has not filed for insolvency in the last two financial years. The company has not filed for an application for dormant company status. However, there is a chance that the company may be able to revive its business with the right procedure.

The company’s most recent annual general meeting was on 30 September 2016. Its latest financial statement was filed on 31 March 2016, making it three years old. The company is led by Rajesh Gautam, who was appointed on 08 August 2008.

Its Annual General Meeting

If you are looking for the information about DINSYS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Annual General Meeting, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed down some key information about this company to help you make an informed decision about the company. Dinsys is currently in the process of dissolving. It is no longer active or trading.

Final Words:

The Board of Directors will propose to amend the Articles of Association of the Company to require that the general meeting be held in English. It will be a two-way vote, and also if the majority of shareholders approve the proposal, the resolutions will be approved. The Board of Directors will propose that the General Meeting elect Lars Jensen as a new member of them here.

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