How to Plan a Party in 2 Days

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Moreover, you also need to make sure the central personality of the party is happy and content with all the arrangements. As we all know that making people happy is never an easy job and you must not tire yourself achieving that but when you plan a party you need to strive to be a good host.

Planning a party might be a fun job for someone while others fret over going over details and making sure everything is working to the best. There is a lot of things going on when you have to host a wonderful party and make sure all of your guests are feeling welcomed and pleased.

After all, people who are coming out of their houses and coming to meet you deserve a good time. No we do not want to overwhelm you but help you actually. With our tips and tricks you can plan a wonderful party in just 2 days and nobody will even realize you weren’t prepared for this just until 48 hours ago.

First Things First

Start by selecting the theme, drawing up the guest list, confirming the date with the best friend of your kid, and booking space off-site. Then, at least 40 hours ahead of the celebration, you’ll want to write out invitations; get revised class list; and decide on sports, events, and food.

If required, at least 36 hours ahead you can mail invites, buy party items, start homemade decorations and favors, and arrange for additional support. You can buy materials and favors for crafts, draw up an activity schedule, make examples of expected crafts, and call guests who have not yet replied.

Make a List

When you have a lot of things to accomplish on short notice, it’s critical to develop a list so you don’t forget things. When preparing a party in less than two days, our first, second, and third pieces of advice is to get out a note pad, a pen, and jot down all of the goods you’ll need. Whether it’s the décor, food, guest list, or anything in between, from mailing invitations to cleaning up the dirt under the table, there’s always something to do. A list will not only keep you on track, but it will also make you feel successful and in control once you have checked off the tasks on it. This is only a tip to calm your anxiety when a surprise party is thrown your way.

Ask a Friend

Know someone who is master at typing impressing invitations or your neighbor can make cute party decors in no time? Maybe you need a tall friend to hang all those party decors on the wall. Either way two heads are always better than one or sometimes even four will be better. Invite your friend to help you over with simple party things. It’s not bad to ask for help. After all what are friends for if they do not help you out in tough times.


You may not have time to clean your whole house when you throw a last-minute party. Decide the rooms the visitors will see and focus on, and on the rest, shut the doors. The greatest hack for cleaning ever. The most used rooms during a party would possibly be the kitchen, dining area, living room, entryway and bathroom.

Bring with you a box or laundry hamper to pick up all of the items that are not in the right place. Then after you finish cleaning, if you run out of time, you can easily return all these scattered things to their place or your bedroom closet to work on after your party.

Smart Décor

Do not spend precious time and resources on getting your party a lot of furniture. It can seem to be a little daunting to use too many decorations in a small room, so stick to some basic vases of fresh cut flowers and throw lighting into a small atmosphere.

For dressing up an area indoors or out, white Christmas lights will do wonders. You can pick up strings of white lights at your local craft store if going through your ornamental box seems a little too stressful.

Moreover, you can get some minimal stuff that matches with your theme of the party. And for that we would recommend you to make a quick visit to the store and buy all you need but don’t overspend. You can also use the smartyhadaparty coupon to make sure you save on party supplies.

Don’t Forget the Food

It will help to curb the planning time for a party by holding a good old fashioned potluck. Fix your own main course and enlist a few friends to assist you with the side dishes.

Don’t forget to build recipes that are easy to make and serve using your slow cooker too. These things don’t take as long as a five-course meal, and they can be just as good. When you throw a last minute party, you can really cut out the planning work by simply ordering pizza and getting it delivered.It’s a relatively cost-effective method and it’s going to be enjoyed by everybody. There are plenty of vegetarian pizza choices that can keep all of your guests happy and cut down on precious time!


Parties are all about drinking and fun. It doesn’t have to be alcohol as well. But a little drink bar with flavored drinks will give a great sense of host and party hold. Especially if you have planned a party abruptly, having a drink set up will make your guests impressed with the amounts of efforts. Thoughts you have put in such a little time. A drinking station can divert attention from late food or anything that could prove the short coming of the party. It’s a safe distraction with lots of benefits. Even if you feel stressed that everything comes out as you like, get yourself a drink!

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