Best Desert Safari Dubai

Best Desert Safari Dubai

Best Desert Safari Dubai – 5 Desert Safari Myths

However, I’ve completed writing a reply to a dissatisfied guest. I’m happy to report that we’re having great success with our work, and it’s great to know our customers are pleased Sometimes, we lose the ball, get distracted, or do not meet our high standards from time to time.

It was not the fact that there were issues with the guest’s house that caused the guest to become angry. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into planning and executing a trip to the desert, such as a safari.

Staff members must be trained in all the equipment and procedures. Traveling on the road requires a lot of patience. It can be stressful for the employees if the roads are bad or traffic is heavy.

We all throw hurdles that we need to overcome to offer a seamless experience. We recognize that we’re not perfect; however, we strive to ensure that every guest who travels with us enjoys a memorable desert experience.

You may think that going on a desert safari is a very expensive way to travel around the UAE, but a tour like this one offers some great activities to go along with the safari. It’s actually a lot cheaper to take this tour than to go on a normal safari and you don’t have to worry about how to get from one site to another.

1: Cars get stuck in the sand.

Sand in the desert (probably without exception ice) is the most inhospitable location to drive in a car. The most skilled in our field require years of experience before claiming they’re experts in the sand.

Your car has been trapped in the sand. But this is the adventure that you’ve been looking for! Follow your experienced Guide as he makes your stranded vehicle free again.

2: My Camel Ride was only a tiny walk around a circle

I’ve read this post often on different reviews on the site, including Tripadvisor, Viator, and Get Your Guide. Unfortunately, the reviewers aren’t aware that Camels have eyesight similar to humans, i.e., they cannot see at night.

Desert safari businesses are sometimes taken by their customers for overnight treks in the dunes. There are risks of things going wrong, such as a camel falling or being scared and getting away, and other potential problems.

The best solution is to illuminate a “runway” for the camels to view. However, this would be an eye-sore. Another option is booking the Camel Safari if you seek the romantic appeal of a long camel ride.

3: A Safari that doesn’t include Dune Bashing is only for the old

It’s not too exciting for older people and not too hard. We don’t do dune bashing because we aren’t able to, but we were the first (and remains the only) company that offers desert safaris in Dubai not to allow dunes bashing during our safaris. We are sometimes forced to apologize for not conducting Dune-bashing safaris.

There are many reasons. First, it’s devastating for the environment. Second, it’s harmful for the skin.One of the reasons that we don’t think of inviting people to our home for holidays or other events is that the idea of them hurting themselves or getting sick is not our idea

Safari is aware that responsible parents don’t want to put their children in danger when they are using a not-trained Safari Guide. And last and not least, they are right that guests of a certain age can suffer serious injuries during an adventure in the dune.

4: I will always be able to see a lot of species of wild animals living in the desert.

Another quote from an online review. It’s an easy choice because water troughs and salt licks are on the trail. We came across 114operators located in the last count.

Two of these have met the strict standards for the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to permit excursions with wildlife.

Some people see food areas and believe that they are used to lure animals to our paths. The feeding areas are regularly relocated around the reserve to stimulate the natural fossicking feeding by wild animals.

5: Bellydancing, as well as Tanoura, are the traditional Emirati folk dances

I’ve been to a few exciting places, such as a Mongolian opera show, riding a reindeer in Lapland, Sumo wrestling in Japan, and an Aboriginal dance in Australia. It’s odd to see the spectacle of an Aboriginal dance in Japan, riding a reindeer in Mexico, and a Sumo game in Lapland.

Dancers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other countries dance in the belly or the Tanura dances in Dubai.

If you want to know more about the UAE’s rich culture and history, you’ll be better served by learning a few basic dance steps, not trying to imitate the styles of foreign pop songs.

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