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Confectionery may sound like a serious term, but when we start picturing all the goodies that fall under this category, our taste buds would go on overdrive. First of all, with the market for baked products expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% by 2020 as per the research conducted by analysts at Technavio in 2018, the chocolate industry’s worth would definitely see a hike. To begin with, let’s take a look at all the famous chocolate companies in the world, then revert back to the top 10 confectionery companies in India. 

Confectionery Industry Intro:

On the other hand, when we think of superior quality chocolates; we think of Swiss chocolates, Belgian chocolates, and UK and US chocolates. Hence, let’s begin there and take a peek at the top 3 luxury chocolate brands and see what sets them apart, keeping in mind how the chocolate market share is and how it affects the growth of top chocolate companies.

When it comes to Belgian chocolates, the top chocolatier in the country is Godiva, known for its elegant packaging, followed by Guylian, which has quite the trademark – their chocolates are shaped like seashells and sea horses. Coming to Swiss chocolates, the top confectionery is Lindt, a name that needs no introduction. Famous for chocolate truffles and chocolate bars, they have made quite a name for themselves. The British chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat, is known for reinventing traditional chocolate products by creating giant curvy slabs that have become iconic. 


Coming to the confectionery manufacturers in India, let’s start off with the most well-known chocolate companies in India, among those the most popular chocolate brands are Cadbury and Nestlé. These are the most prominent chocolate brands in India, so much so that no festival is complete in India without gifting a pack of these sweet confectioneries. Be it Raksha Bandhan or Diwali, gifting your family and friends a specially crafted pack of Cadbury chocolates for the occasion is as much a must as wearing traditional clothes on that day. Cadbury has consistently made ads based on the theme of festivals and has successfully established itself as the go-to brand of chocolates for gifting during not just festivals, but special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 


Nestlé’s focus has been on social causes such as educating a girl child, providing nutrition to kids, and more such uplifting concepts, and their recent change of slogans to educate society on the importance of educating a girl child has been received positively. With their most famous products Nescafé, Maggi and Kit Kat doing well in the market, they have, in the year 2017, entered the 10,000-crore club as per an analysis conducted by 


Lotte, the name derived from a German epistolary novel, began its journey in Tokyo, Japan in 1948 and was, later on, moved to Seoul, South Korea. And then became the country’s fifth-largest business conglomerate consisting of over 90 business units powered by 60,000 employees involved in various industries such as candy companies into manufacturing, beverages, fast food, hotels, retail etc. The most popular products of Lotte in India are the gooey marshmallow centred Choco Pie and the all-time favourite coffee bite that brings many good memories for the 90s kids and Lacto king.  


The largest-selling biscuit brand in India, Parle dominated the biscuit industry with its famous products. Parle G is the most loved one, that not only provides bliss to the taste buds; but healthy nutrients to our bodies. It ruled the market by having a 35% dominant share in the biscuit market. The major reason to reach this top spot is; its knack for finding what the entire population needs. It created a strategy to produce fine biscuits & other products; that are not only accessible to the people in the cities but to people all over, to the very last remote village in India. It has brought together people from all classes to enjoy a healthy and nourishing snack. 


If you look at a Britannia product, you’re sure to pick it up; because it has earned the trust of millions as the most promising, healthy and safe brand. With a wide range of products, it’s sure to have a treat for everyone, be it kids or adults and even people who hate snacking. One Britannia biscuit would change your whole perspective about snacking. It can be healthy and tasteful at the same time. 

Britannia came into being even before India was an independent country. With its impeccable record of staying at the top consistently; it has earned a spot on Forbes Global as one of the top 200 small companies in the world. It earned millions of people’s trust to achieve this feat. 


There’s no industry ITC hasn’t ventured into and nailed. A fine example of it in the FMCG industry is the success of Sunfeast biscuits. A brand that stands for quality and brings innovation and wholesomeness to every single product they manufacture. Sunfeast is special for its cream-filled centred biscuits. They are known for delirium disorder in any person because of a bite of these delectable goodies. They have a range of products that cater to all classes; starting with Dark Fantasy at the top with its premium packaging; and coming down the metaphorical ladder. There are Sunfeast Bounce biscuits that are affordable and wholesome at the same time. 


With 15 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a recent new edition of the manufacturing facility; dedicated to chocolate manufacturing equipped with imported machinery and another manufacturing plant on its way, Dukes, functioning under the name Ravi Foods Pvt Ltd.; has shown us it is here to stay. It has proved its global presence with its strategic inclusion of products in Tier 2 cities; as well as rural parts of the country and a working brand presence to make it possible. 

With a strong brand value and a commoditized market; they have gone from global to worldwide. And are now a trusted private label manufacturer who also makes customized products as per requirements. 

Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Ltd. 

Finally, with a worldwide presence in sales to over 150 countries estimated at a net sale of €2,615M; Perfetti’s presence is worldwide. And widely popular in India for all those candy and gum lovers. Our undeniable love for these little colourful mouth poppers; however, contributes to a part of 37.2% of overall net sales in the geographic area of Asia and Oceania. They’ve been providing us with imaginative products sourced out of 31 manufacturing facilities all over the world. Among their most popular products that are fast selling and loved by all are Alpenliebe and Mentos. 

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