WPC 2027 live – Everything You Need to Know About The Games

The Games WCP2027 is a major international multi-sport event taking place in China from July 1st – 5th, 2019. Held every five years, the Games have grown in stature and popularity over the past few decades to become one of the largest multi-sport events in the world. The Games are renowned for their large number of medal events with over 4,000 medals up for grabs across 60 sports at this year’s 2018 edition in Peking. The host city of WCP2027 has expanded significantly since its humble beginnings as a small village called Jixi in northern China. Especially when you consider that this will be only the third time that the Games have been held in mainland China, it is easy to see why this massive sporting event is now considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Although it may not be as well known outside of Asia, China has also played an important role at previous editions of the Games. In particular, Beijing has a long and proud track record as a leading nation within Asia; hosting several successful editions between 2008 and 2016. Since then, however, more than 200 cities have applied to take part and 20 bid packages were shortlisted; a competitive process which was won by Beijing who secured the right to host 2020 Summer Olympics and 2024 Summer Paralympics. Nowhere else can you experience such a high concentration of world class sporting talent coming together on such a global stage than at the upcoming Games where more than 4,000

What is the Games WCP2027?

The upcoming games in China are called WCP2027. They are a multi-sport event which will be held in Peking from July 1th to 5th, 2019. The Games are co-hosted by China and 20 countries and regions.

How Will the Games Work?

The Games will take place in two phases; the main event from July 1-5 and the street party and carnival from July 6-12. The Games will be celebrated in two main ways; the opening ceremony on July 1 will be followed by a competition that starts on July 2 and ends on July 5; the second way is the games, which will be celebrated throughout the year with street parties, amusement parks, and other events.

What will be on the Programme?

Based on the winning bid, each country or region will submit a list of 10 events scheduled for the games. Another 7 events are determined by a lottery. The number of participating countries or regions will determine the total number of events on the programme.

Which Events Will be Played in Peking?

The opening ceremony will be held in the Peking University Stadium on July 1 and will be followed by a competition that starts on July 2 and ends on July 5.

What can you Expect?

The Games will host 4 disciplines: badminton, bowling, Football, and Shooting. Other events include figure skating, field hockey, judo, modern pentathlon, and Rowing.

Where to Watch The Games WCP2027

The opening ceremony of WCP2027 will be broadcast live on CCTV-7. After the ceremony, the Games will be televised on China Central Television (CCTV) and can be accessed online. Games action will be shown on CGTN and other regional networks.

Key Societies Involved With the Games WCP2027

The International Wiving Clergy Federation (IWCF), which is based in Assisi, Italy, is one of the organizers of WCP2027. As the official aid organization of the Chinese government, IWCF will work to encourage athletes to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to promote sportsmanship among competitors and spectators alike.

#How to Follow The Games WCP2027

The Games are packed with exciting events and moments; you can’t follow the whole event from one city. To get the most out of the event, you need to be well connected. This means having a good data connection, and some time on your hands to waste.

Final Words

The Games are a unique opportunity for athletes from around the world to compete for medals at a major international event. You can expect world-class competition in a variety of sports, including track and field, field hockey, lawn bowl, sailing, shooting, and volleyball. If you are planning a trip to Peking to watch the upcoming Games, we recommend staying at the Grand Hyatt Peking which is located in the Central Business District. This hotel will offer you a great view of the city and the Games from its rooftop restaurant. This is only a small selection of the many great events and destinations that await you during the upcoming Games. For more information about the upcoming Games in China, visit www.wcp2027.cn. (Visited 2,871 times, 1,740 visits today) Leave your rating How satisfied are you with this article? 1 2 3 4 5 Submit

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