How to Share a FaceTime Link with Anyone, Even an Android User

FaceTime Link

Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp now have a replacement on Android phones and Microsoft devices. FaceTime is here! Apple users have been having a lot of fun with their exclusive video calling app. But with the release of iOS 15, other operating systems can also join in. All it takes is a shareable link, and you can talk with anyone across platforms.  

The pandemic and social distancing forced a lot of people to go strictly online. Businesses and educational institutions had to shift to video calls and distance learning. In this scenario, an exclusive video calling app strictly for Apple users doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, to make cross-platform communication simpler, FaceTime is no longer exclusive.   

What Are the Requirements?  

FaceTime still remains an iOS app, so you need an iOS user to create the shareable link. All they need is a Spectrumcable internet connection or the like and an iPhone with iOS 15. You can also create a shareable link with an iPad if it has iPadOS 15. Apple computers are also expected to have this functionality later this year with the release of macOS Monterey.

If your iOS device is not updated, here’s how you can do this. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. The download will take more than 2.5 GB of space on your phone. So, if you don’t have enough space, you can delete data or apps. The iPhone also allows you to temporarily delete some apps on your phone to free up space for the update. The phone will restore the apps after the update finishes. This way, you won’t lose any of your data. The entire process can take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes depending upon the speed of your internet.  

How to Create and Share a FaceTime Link?  

The most important thing to remember here is that Android users cannot create FaceTime calls. Although, they can join them. Any device that can open a link through a browser might be able to join FaceTime calls. So, if you have an updated Apple OS, here’s what you have to do:  

#1: Launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.  

#2: Tap on Create Link.  

#3: A screen with some sharing options will pop up.  

#4: Tap on FaceTime Link to change the name of your meeting.  

#5: On the same screen, you will find various options to share the link through. You can use text, email, WhatsApp, Calendar, etc.   

#6: If you don’t find the option you are looking for you can copy the link and paste it anywhere.  

#7: Afterwards, tap on the name of the meeting you have created to join it yourself.  

How to Join a FaceTime Call?  

If you are on an Android/Windows device you will need a link from an iOS user. Once you have that link the next steps are fairly easy. Here is what you have to do:  

#1: Open the FaceTime link that you have received.  

#2: The link will open in your default browser. It is recommended to use the latest Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge version.  

#3: Enter your screen name and then tap Continue.  

#4: Your screen will say “Waiting to be let in”. The host of the meeting will have to accept your join request.  

What Are the Advantages?  

There are many things that make FaceTime better than other apps. Apple users have loved the app since forever, and it is totally worth it. The best things about FaceTime are:  

  • It is one of the most smoothly running apps in the Apple ecosystem.  
  • The app is free.  
  • All the communications through FaceTime are end-to-end encrypted.  
  • You don’t need to put in any payment details to use it. Just the latest iOS version and an Apple ID are enough.  
  • It has a great user experience and works well even with poor connections.  
  • The call quality is considerably better than regular phone calls or competitor video calling apps.  

What Is Next?

Apple has clearly stepped into uncharted territory with this move. Previously, the exclusivity of apps like iMessage and FaceTime were what made Apple different. They were inaccessible without the device, which was the key attraction for some people. Now, Apple is allowing other users a sneak peek into their ecosystem. While there are still apparent limitations to the use, Android users can still get a taste of the app.

We can expect more updates and changes from Apple in the future. They might even make iMessage accessible to all operating systems soon. Apple has understood the need for online communication in the pandemic era. If they continue making these changes, they might have the most utilized communication apps across all platforms.

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