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myths about natural henna colour

When it comes to haircare we tend to fall for saying that make rounds around the corners. We often believe the myths without further doing in-depth research, which is wrong. Similarly, there are countless myths about natural henna colour. And we have tried to tackle some of the common misconceptions about henna in his blog. The correct information against the myths will help you choose your henna and use it in a better way. 

Now that henna has been common beauty care or hair care ingredient for quite a long time with humans. It is obvious that adulteration seeped into the processing of henna powder, too. They are either purely manufactured from henna leaves or synthetically made, which is to fool the audience into thinking that henna can also give an extremely strong hair colour.

More About Natural Henna Colour

This can be evident through the henna body art that we all currently apply for any wedding or pujas; it no doubt gives a strong colour within a few hours due to some chemical component mixed. Then henna as hair dye these days is not really henna. They are regular hair dyes with henna added to them but are named henna hair colour.

Henna was one of the first things used for beauty and cosmetics purposes in Egypt. As much as a hair colour to give a natural reddish-orange colour to grey hair and a tint to natural black hair. To be on the safe side, try to purchase natural and organic henna and thoroughly read the ingredients listed. If you want to take natural steps go all the way in with your research and awareness.

Is it fair to make something as pure as henna artificial? What is the reason? 

5 Myths for Natural Henna Colour 

Let us ponder over some myths for natural henna colour 

Myth 1: Henna makes the hair strands very brittle

The lone purpose of henna is used for nourishment and betterment of the scalp since time immemorial. How can it be brittle all of a sudden? That means you are not using natural henna for hair, they definitely have added chemicals in them which will obviously damage the strands and make them brittle.

A natural and pure product gone wrong demonstrates its involvement with chemicals or perhaps you are allergic to it. It is advised to read the ingredients list before buying hair products. Natural henna for hair is more beneficial when mixed with warm water

Myth 2: Henna doesn’t work over chemically bleached hair colour

There is a possibility that the bleached hair colour (lighter colours have been done like blonde, platinum blonde, grey) then it is obvious. That your pre-coloured hair will hold onto the henna colour and it will change. Thus, indicating that henna works over chemically bleached hair.

Also, it may depend upon the chemicals used before that might completely alter the colour so do a strand test to avoid disaster. Natural henna for hair is so strong that it even penetrates the chemically treated hair and does the job.

Myth 3: Natural henna online doesn’t really pay a great colour on true virgin hair

When people are getting a variety of shades through chemically treated hair, they want the henna to do the same thing. No worries, much natural henna online do provide some brilliant combinations with tints of indigo, soft black, and dark or light browns. They do give you tints because it is natural hair care so a nice tint will oomph the hair. 

Myth 4: Henna sucks out the life from your hair

Well well well, if henna was popularized through its extremely nourishing properties then how come the hair will become dried out? This myth about natural henna colour might be the most bizarre; it contradicts the main purpose of henna being henna.

We all know chemically treated hair is going to be damaged. One way or another but a naturally produced henna for hair without any chemicals will not damage your hair. Instead, it will condition and nourish the strands and scalp by shifting towards a healthier approach.

Myth 5: Natural henna contains chemicals

Henna comes from nature, try to find companies that sell it purely made from these leaves without any mixing of chemicals. Indalo’s natural henna colour is 100% pure and organic which is beneficial to even people who are allergic to chemicals. We’ve curated this keeping in mind how bad the beauty and cosmetic companies are being with the indulgence of chemicals that affects their customers in the long run.

We have a very sustainable option of natural henna to get gorgeous tresses of added shine, colour, and volume. The organic and purely natural components of Indalo’s are the best in the natural hair products game. It is very much amazing to have something completely natural. And use it as it is through these tremendous Indalo products in a very sustainable way coming to you directly from nature’s goodness.

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