What are Deep Wave and Body Wave Hair


Deep Wave and Body Wave are the most amazing and trending hairstyles of today’s time. It has caught the attention of the youngsters and is in high demand. This is a unique hairstyle that can match any type of attire, ageless, age-less and everyone can wear it easily. It has become popular among all the fashion-savvy people. This is also known as the Long Body Wave.

What are Deep Wave Hair and Body Wave Hair

A deep wave is a hair strand that has a well-defined curl pattern. Hence it can style in any number of ways. The best curl pattern for deep wave hair is two strands. The hair has been made in such a way that it has two defined curl patterns that makes it more wearable and versatile. Deep wave hair has a slight wavy pattern to it which made from natural human hair. This hair is great for women who have a wider face because it is thick and very manageable. Women can wear it straight, curly, or wavy and they don’t have to worry about the hair thinning out or looking fake. It blends well with different types of hair as it gives the hair a natural look.

The main difference is that Deep Wave Hair is more voluminous compared to Body Wave. Body Wave has a flatter surface compared with Deep Wave. It means that lies flatter on the scalp with a more natural look. Deep Wave Hair is more voluminous and sits higher on the head. Deep Wave is ideal for people looking for a more exotic or fashionable look. Body Wave is a much softer curl pattern, which creates a very natural appearance. This is therefore ideal for someone looking for a more subtle look.

How to get Deep Wave Hair and Body Wave Hair?

Deep wave hair and body wave hair are the most popular hairstyle among African-American women and are often referred to as a “natural hair look. This hair has a tighter and smaller curl pattern than body wave hair, but both styles are equally beautiful. This Deep wave hair has most commonly worn in its natural state but can style into a variety of different looks.

Depending on your desired look, you may want to consider a wig for easier styling. Deep wave hair can wear straightened, curled, styled with an afro-puff, or worn in a ponytail. Beyonce and Vanessa Williams made the body wave style popular. This style of hair is a little more versatile and can wear in numerous styles making it the more popular choice of hair among African-American women. The body wave hair pattern is created by using a machine that produces a stretched wave pattern and a bend pattern.

Things to consider before getting a Deep Wave Hair or Body Wave Hair

The main difference between the two hair textures is their construction. Body wave hair is created by weaving tiny pieces of hair together. While the deep wave hair constructs for using a flat iron to form a “V” shape on the hair strand. Therefore, body wave hair is heavier than deep wave hair. The body wave hair usually weighs from 130 grams to 200 grams per bundle of hair. Brazillian Deep wave closure wigs hair is lighter weighing from 90g to 130g per bundle.

Currently, Deep wave hair and body wave hair are two new trends that have created quite a stir in the market for wavy hair extensions. This Deep wave hair is a new trend that blends deep wave hair with natural hair, creating a much more natural look and feel. Body wave closure wigs hair has become a sought-after choice for those who have short and long hair. Body wave hair refers to hair that has a body wave pattern. It can use in different hairstyles. You will find that body wave hair is thick and lightweight. You will enjoy many different benefits that this hair extension can offer.


If you are looking for a new hairstyle but do not know what to do? You can go for deep wave and body wave hair bundles. This hair will give you a new look and make you look like a new person. These wavy hair are known for their versatility so if you have a wedding or a very important date. You can use these bundles of hair to make a statement. Deep waves and body waves are the two most popular types of hair extensions. Many customers often ask which type is better to purchase. 

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