The Best TV Channel Lineup You Need to Have in 2022

Best TV Channel Lineup

2022 is around the corner and that means more great TV shows to watch on your favorite streaming services. Of course, you can still watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Spectrum TV channels at any time of the day.

However, you might still need to consider your options if you’re looking to cut the cord. Nowadays, you can get both live and on-demand programming on streaming services such as YouTube TV. That said, these are the best TV channels to watch in 2022:


CBS is one of the biggest names in the broadcast television industry. It has been providing its services since 1927. Yes, you read that right. The group would celebrate its hundredth anniversary in 2027. That is a huge achievement in itself. CBS continues to remain the top source for local news and primetime coverage. It caters to millions of households across the U.S.

The best thing about CBS is that you don’t a cable subscription to watch the channel. Download the CBS News app or watch live streaming for free on their website. CBS has also created original programs over the years including the hit Survivor series. So, tune in to the channel for everything politics, sports, weather, and entertainment in 2022.


NBC is another great channel to watch in 2022. It offers live coverage of pressing stories, weather updates, and sports happenings from across the globe. NBC is also a great source of local news. It is based out of New York City. The average viewership for NBC is more than six million.

Like CBS, NBC has produced original content over the years. The most famous ones include Wayne’s World (1992). The success of Wayne’s World prompted spawned a sequel in 1993. You can catch all that’s happening around the world on NBC. Better yet, download the app to stay up to date.


ESPN is one of the most popular sports TV channels in the world. The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications serve as the co-owners of this multinational cable sports channel. Whether you are a fan of the NFL, NBA, or cricket, ESPN has got you covered.

ESPN is a great source for live and on-demand content related to sports. You can subscribe to ESPN+ t0 get exclusive access to programs and shows. There’s no denying that sports fanatics can never get enough of ESPN+. Want more? Download the app to stay up to date with the world of sports.


HBO is a household name in the television industry. It has tons of exciting content including fantastic movies and great TV shows. Most of us who grew up watching the classic HBO know exactly how much of a powerhouse is HBO. The television network has given hits over the years.

Whether you are a fan of comedies or dramas, HBO has got everything for your entertainment taste. Perhaps HBO’s biggest success came with Game of Thrones. The hit drama series premiered on the network in 2011 and went on to become the biggest sensation in the world for a decade.


Fox is a big name in the broadcast market. Millennials who grew up watching wrestling in its peak days on Fox understand how great Fox was during those days. The network broadcasts both news and entertainment programs to millions of viewers across the United States. From Baywatch to Prison Break, Fox had aired some great TV shows over the years.


We are talking about the best TV channels and Nickelodeon is not on the list. That can’t be possible. Well, it isn’t because children and adults alike know how popular the channel is among young viewers. The Viacom-owned channel broadcasts programs for children aged between two and eight. 

Nickelodeon is responsible for bringing many hit shows to life. Who could forget Rugrats, Doug, or Hey Arnold! These shows defined an entire generation that grew up in the nineties. Nickelodeon remains one of the most popular TV channels for children even to this day.

The History Channel

The History Channel is not just for history fanatics. Even casual viewers have appreciated the channel’s excellent programs. It is a joint venture of the same companies that own ESPN. The network was created for history-based documentaries but its success prompted producers to introduce new shows.

The History Channel has created some great original content over the years. These include The Vikings, Ancient Aliens, and Knightfall, to name a few. If you’re looking for some of the best documentaries on mankind’s history, there’s no other platform better than The History Channel.

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