5 Must-Have Time Savior Instagram Post Scheduler Tools

Instagram Post Scheduler

Instagram is a massive platform to grow your business. If you have multiple accounts it’s totally hard to manage everything, especially time. If you want to grow your business via Instagram, you should engage with your audience through the story, Instagram flyer, call-to-action content, and more. Literally, it’s not a piece of cake that consumes more time on editing your content and searching for the right captions, time, and hashtags. On the other hand, if you have to manage multiple client accounts, it will spin your head. But not anymore! Since you have an Instagram post scheduler right. Well, Have you ever tried to use the Instagram post scheduler or do you have any idea about it?

Instagram post scheduler tools will save a lot of time for marketers. Just set up the desired time of posting and your content will be posted automatically.

Even worse, are you exhausted from searching for the perfect Instagram post scheduler to save your time and boost your profile quickly? In this post, you can check out the Top 5 Time Savior Instagram Post Scheduler Tools on the internet.

Let’s start!

Explore the tools and choose your needs:

1. SocialBee

SocialBee is the best-ever social media scheduling tool that supports all your social media networks, especially Instagram post scheduler.
In SocialBee, You can schedule your Instagram post in your own category based.
They have two cool features, especially for a blogger that allow you to connect your RSS feed to your account so you can easily promote your exclusive blog posts to your Instagram by using this Instagram Post Scheduler. You are also able to use content curation by using Quuu Promote and Pocket.
You can schedule your posts and save them as a label by using categories. If you want to share those moments again, you can set up differences like changing your captions and hashtags in this Instagram Post Scheduler.
SocialBee allows you to share your posts, reels, carousels, and stories to your profile. You can even check your preview in the grid mode.
In SocialBee, you can also access their own image editor or Canva and Xara so you won’t leave the dashboard to edit your image right!
Lastly, SocialBee doesn’t have a high-cost plan so you can access each and every feature even if you’re playing solo, a small business, or an agency.


  • Import Your Blog posts
  • Category based scheduling
  • Requeue Feature
  • Schedule all your social networks


  • Lack of tracking
  • Missing Social Inbox features
  • You can’t switch the calendar between weekly and monthly


SocialBee starts at $19/month. You can choose their Bootstrap, Accelerate or Pro plans to explore the various workspaces, profiles, categories, and scheduled posts. You can also grab your discounted yearly plans.

2. Sendible

Sendible is another cool Instagram post scheduler that has two styles of Instagram Scheduling. You can either post your single photos and videos directly to your profile or else set reminders in their android app for Stories and Carousel posts.
In Sendible, you are able to find the most suitable hashtags for your post, and add your location to your post by using this Instagram post scheduler. You can even add your first comment.
The ideal thing about Sendible is you can have a pre-look of Instagram before preparing to schedule your post.
You can also edit your image on their scheduler which has a simple editor or else connects your Canva account and edits your post in the dashboard.
Another coolest thing about Sendible is that it will recommend similar content for you and you can even recreate your evergreen post by using this Instagram Post Scheduler. In case, if you have a blog you can also connect with your RSS feed to promote your post automatically.


  • Easy to use
  • Manage multiple profiles
  • Performance tracking
  • Recommend similar content


  • You can’t select the thumbnail for the video
  • In the mobile app, the scheduled posts couldn’t have access to edit
  • Pricing options


In Sendible, pricing starts from $29/month for 1 user, 6 services, and 1 quick report.

3. Tailwind

If you’re looking for a more user-friendly Instagram post scheduler, Tailwind is the best choice in the market.
In Tailwind, you can either post your single image or video posts directly to your Instagram business account. Plan your carousel and stories through push notifications by using this Instagram Post Scheduler.
The cool thing about Tailwind is that it automatically selects the times when your viewers are most engaged. It continuously tracks your post and your audience engagement to further optimize scheduling.
In that respect, you can schedule your posts to your optimized queue, let Tailwind choose a specific time for you, or else you can choose it either. Another cool thing is a suggestion of Hashtags which is applicable to your niche.
This Instagram Scheduler has the option to drag and drop the calendar so you can easily edit your content. In addition, you can also check your content in preview mode.


  • SmartSchedule
  • Hashtag Suggestions
  • 9 -grid visual planner
  • Drag and drop calendar


  • Lack of analytics
  • Multi-image scheduling
  • Pricing structure


Get your Tailwind starting at $14.99/month or else $9.99/month billed yearly. You can also try a free plan to get to know about it.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a compact Instagram post scheduler. You can track your performance via analytics.
You are able to schedule your single post or video straight to your Instagram business profile.
If you’re having a personal account, you can schedule your post or stories only in the Scheduler’s mobile app. In case, if you want to schedule your carousels, you can only access carousels in the iOS app.
Use Hootsuite Planner to track your post status. In case, if you want to schedule a bunch of posts, access Bulk Composer to post one time.
Do you want your account engaged 24/7? Yes, Hootsuite does this job perfectly by posting automatically. Auto schedules work with your custom settings option whether you want your posts per day, period, or even days you need.


  • Auto scheduler
  • Bulk Composer
  • Track your progress
  • Multiple social accounts


  • Cozy analytics tracking report
  • For a personal account, you are able to schedule your post on the mobile app
  • Carousels are only possible in the iOS app


Get started with your Hootsuite premium at $29/month for 1 user, 10 social profiles, schedule your unlimited posts, manage one inbox, and more.

5. Semrush

Semrush Social Media Toolkit is really a toolkit that manages your social media network.
You can easily schedule your Instagram post for your target audience by using this scheduler. You are able to edit your post here since it’s user-friendly.
In Semrush, analytics works better than other Instagram post schedulers. The cool thing about Semrush is it helps you track yourself and your competitor’s performance and gives you a clean analytics chat.
In addition, you can even create ads for your content if you’re using a blog.
On top of that, Semrush will help you to analyze perfect keywords for your content by using SEO engines like Google and Bing.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research tool
  • Track your website
  • A complete toolkit for agencies


  • Need technical knowledge
  • Multiple features may confuse new users
  • Hard to understand


Get your Semrush with three cool plans: Pro, Guru, and business. Each plan has its own key features. Semrush starts at $99.

Round Off

In 2019, Keap Conducted a survey that is focused on social media marketing trends. In that respect, 23% of people say those who use analytics tools will save more time and engage consistently with their audience.
Buying Instagram Post Scheduler is a kind of one-stone two bird situation. You can save your time as well as grow your business while managing your profile by tracking your progress. The research concluded that Instagram Post Scheduler is worth paying since the range starts at a low to high price.
If you prefer something more simple you can use Instagram Scheduler. All you need to do is change your personal account into a business account to schedule posts on Instagram without using any other Instagram Post Scheduler. You are also able to track your performance.
Hope you find your perfect Instagram post scheduler among the top 5 schedulers. Also, you can read this for more useful tactics for your business.

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